Sandy Straits 4.5 Tri Hul


Length           4.5 meters

Width            1.8 meters

Depth            .800

Draft              300mm

Max hp          60

Max people  4


  • Resin infused vinyl ester in a basalt fibre 400g twill and 540g d/byes being 4x 400 and 3x 540g. Or E glass 600g d/byes. 

  • A core in the sides being of 80kg 5mm scored and pined foam.

  • Transom being of Coosa board  20mm thick board x 2 layers and then covered with basalt fibre x 4 layers 3x400 and 1x 540. Or E glass 600 D/byes

  • Below floor frame being top hat panel and layer up in basalt fibre. Or E glass csm 450g

  • Flotation being foam sheet 3x 50mm x 2000x 1000

  • Flooring being 80kg structural foam 10mm pined and covered with 400g basalt and 540uni directional fibre in vinyl ester resin. Or 600g D/byes .

  • Top deck has flotation in and glassed over.

  • Weight is 192kg confirmed with top deck and center console fitted.

  Now Available @ Redcliffe Marine & Made In Queensland

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